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Xenia, the film

I had the chance to watch this Greek movie in a cinema here in Berlin. I enjoyed it and I could only recommend it.

It is quite difficult to express my thoughts about this film. There were so many parts I liked and most of all the characters. Danny is an interesting personality. Stuck in the past, a kid in a much older body, knows how to get what he wants, with a childish charm. Seemingly a kid but in fact one that had to grow up before its time to take care of the devastated mother. Ody is the adult brother, who holds this role and its responsibility well, protecting the younger brother no matter how many times he screws things up, without judging him. And then, there is Tasos, a totally weird character from the past with tons of tenderness for the two boys in his eyes. It is there, you can see it. In a better and balanced world, Tasos would be the right father of the boys. They just seem to fit so much. And the movie is an adventure or a new different Odyssey , showing  the ugly face of racism in Greece, the fascists attacking all sort of immigrants,  even immigrants against immigrants where homophobia lies. And the destination hides some ugly surprises too.



Yet the movie leaves a smile in the face. After all the boys succeeded in something important, that was not in their initial to do list.