About the Blog

Welcome to my blog! I am rizoula, I was born in Greece and moved to Berlin short before my 30s, in search of a new and better life. I am not fond of change, I am quite scared of changes  and thus this was definitely the biggest and more radical change I ever made.

I am more or less an ordinary person, not the wisest neither the most interesting you will meet.  But I do want to collect somewhere my experiences and thoughts, the reasons why in the 3rd decade of my life I left my country and moved to a totally different one, the changes in me and in my life in these years and why –I think– I didn’t regret it, even if it meant to leave behind people I love.

Furthermore, I love cinema and music and I am very interested in psychology. So you may also find some movie recommendations/reviews and perhaps some sharing of music I love. I am not an expert, so don’t expect in-depth analysis of those. I just like to think I have a good taste. Last, in times of deep thinking and philosophical mood you may also find some thoughts psychology-related.

Perhaps someone finds it interesting. Perhaps no one ever reads it. Perhaps it is my psychotherapy project.. Maybe it can just work as a diary to leave to my unborn yet children or my nephews when they grow up. We will see..